Spoiler Alerter 9001
Age ?
Species Robot
Eye color None
Hair color None
Blood type None (He's a freaking robot, you idiot!)
Likes Torturing Daigo
Dislikes Being turned off
Occupation Daigo's Review Assistant
Alignment Chaotic Good
Debut (Text) "Kaze no Stigma" Review
(Video) Daigotaku Reviews: My Hero Academia

Spoiler Alerter 9001, also known as Ese, is a robot that helps Daigo during his reviews.


Ese's design is basic and blockey. His eyes and mouth are green, with "SA-9001" stamped on his chest.


Most of the time, Spoiler Alerter likes to torture Daigo, usually by physically harming him by shocking his body. It's possible he has a twisted sense of humor, with him laughing every time something bad happens to Daigo.

However, he can agree on some things that Daigo points out during reviews, and builds his own comedic lines off of Daigo's commentary.

He also appears to have a decent relationship with the members of Daigotaku. This is evident on several occasions, such as him describing Annie as "hot" as he was recording her about to beat up Daigo near the end of his Black Lagoon review.