Pikachu's Winter Vacation
Episode Number 14 (Text)
16 (Overall)
Date Released Facebook: 12/24/2016
Rating 6/10
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Pikachu's Winter Vacation (ピカチュウのふゆやすみ Pikachū no Fuyuyasumi) is a series of winter themed Pikachu-centered shorts that went directly to video from 1999 (the end of '98) to 2001 (the end of 2000). The first two were part of the Pokémon Chronicles series. This was the only Pokémon DVD not released by Viz Video but rather 4Kids' normal way of releasing DVDs, being released by 4Kids and Funimation.

We Are Pichu Brothers (ぼくたちピチューブラザーズ Boku-tachi Pichūburazāzu) is a series extending from the short movie "Pikachu and Pichu", and it has two units. The first story included in "Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2001", and the second story included in the game "Pokémon Channel".