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Welcome to Daigotaku Wikia, where you can find all things Daigotaku, including anime and manga review/rant info, along with anything from the Daigotaku multiverse, such as Daigo himself, as well as his friends, foes, and whatever else he finds himself in the middle of!

What's New

September 5, 2017

For those who haven't yet noticed, I've increased my upload schedule a bit. Regular posts will still be Fridays. However, supplementary uploads will be done on Mondays and Wednesdays. In case reviews aren't done yet, I'll at least have SOMETHING out when the schedule allows it.

- DaigoUKnow

March 2rd, 2017

New year means new reviews and stuff to talk about! Hey, guys! Daigo here! As always, I'm going to keep updating this wiki for the sake of all those out there who keep up with our content, as well as making pages/new sections for things that come up. It's a lot of work to keep everything updated. But it's worth it. I also put in a News Archive page to keep the section to the right from being cluttered. Anyway, be sure to watch out for new reviews and the like, and I'll see you on the next Daigotaku.

- DaigoUKnow

This Year's Updates

  • 29th - Daigotaku Rants: Similarities Between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Power Rangers
  • 22nd - Daigotaku Reports: Eventual Return to video + Much More
  • 1st - Daigotaku Ranks: Daigotaku Ranks: T0p 5 B3st An1m3 3v3r!

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