Daigo U. Know
Age 22
Birthdate October 24, 1994
Species Human
Eye color Unknown (covered by sunglasses)
Hair color Unknown (covered by knit cap)
Likes Anime, Manga,
Games (especially JRPGS), writing, watching YouTube videos
Dislikes When games crash, When his internet is slow, the color Pink, Bad Games, Bad anime, Bad manga
Occupation Internet Reviewer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Debut "Pokemon Origins" Review (YouTube),
"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" Review (Facebook)

Daigo U. Know is a passionate anime and manga fan, who tends to let his anger get the better of him.


Daigo's most prominent features are his knit cap and sunglasses, which he uses to cover his hair and eyes. Not much is known about him other than his size, and that he wore a dark grey shirt. However, he does sometimes have a prominent beard growing in his winter projects.


Due to his passion for anime and manga, he tends to get upset when he finds something negative about what he is reviewing or has watched in the past, such as when he saw Afro use civilians as shields in Afro Samurai Volume 1.

He also not afraid to express his honest opinions on shows he is reviewing, making note of what he thought makes the show fail, while also admitting to some legitimately good things about them.

His relationships with other people are varied greatly. Despite being good friends with Annie, she tends to beat him up when he does something that affects her negatively. He's on good terms with Drake, for the most part. Spoiler Alerter, Ese as he's called, tends to be both a friend and enemy to Daigo, with them both ending arguments with violence of various magnitudes. He also seems to have a strange relationship with Annie's demonic cat, Cuddles/Cudelos, who he formed a contract with through unknown means.


  • Aside from anime and manga, Daigo is shown to reference things related to western pop culture.
    • In the Afro Samurai: Volume 1 review, Daigo mentioned he once got punched in the face by Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls.
    • Daigo made a reference to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy during his Fossil Fighters review, stating he borrowed a trident used by Brick, one of it's main characters