Daigo Talks is a podcast segment where Daigo talks about singular episodes of airing anime, usually going through what happens, and sharing his thoughts as it goes along. It is all done in one take, and is basically just Daigo sharing his undoctored thoughts on the topic in question. Originally meant to be a vlog, he decided to go for more of a podcast, saying it was easier to just handle the audio. The final results for a given episode will end with either a thumbs up or thumbs down and a summarization of Daigo's opinions.


It first started out with Daigo talking about the first episode of The Reflection.


First Episode Topic Release Last Episode
The Reflection 1st The Reflection August 4, 2017
October 16, 2017
The Reflection 11th


  • Like Daigotaku is a pun on Daigo and Otaku, Daigo Talks is a pun of Daigotaku.
  • It was originally meant to be a vlog. But since it is only audio, a friend of Daigo's said it's more akin to a podcast.