5 Bloodivores
Episode Number 5
Date Released YouTube: 8/12/2017 Vidme: 8/12/2017
Rating 1/10
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Time Prisoners (时空囚徒) is a vampire survival action Chinese webcomic written and illustrated by Bai Xiao. On October 1, 2016, a Chinese-Japanese anime adaptation titled Bloodivores (ブラッディヴォーレス) began airing. The series is directed by Chen Ye and produced by Emon Animation Company (Haoliners Animation League).


DaigoUKnow reviewed Bloodivoress for the fifth episode of Daigotaku.


  • This is the first lowest rated anime Daigo has ever covered on video.
    • The honor of the first one to ever be reviewed goes to Bananya via text.
  • This episode was also the first one where Daigo openly uses the F-word without censoring it.